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Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world and it is growing more popular all the time. Wherever you go, you can see evidence of this new craze. When you play the game in any bingo hall and in any online casinos, you can rest assured that you are in good company. However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the pull of this great game is in the minds of people? Why is it is this game and not another, such as blackjack online that has so captured the hearts and minds of people in their quest for the fun game that people know and love? Why is bingo the ultimate game for all?

There are many different answers to that question. In fact, as many answers as there are bingo players. However, there are several main reasons. Firstly, when you play the game, then you get a chance to be social with people and meet new friends. There is no limit really to the number of friends that you can find in the bingo halls. "In fact, a large number of love affairs have been forged in between the bingo games in the bingo halls. There are so many people that come to play bingo, from all ages and all walks of life, that you can find your match their, whether romantic, or with friends. Once thought to be a game that was one for old women in old age homes, but today many young people like to play it constantly.

Best 10 Bingo Articles

  • All About Bingo and How To Play Bingo

    Bingo is very easy to play, players just need cards and marker. There will be a caller to announce the number that will be drawn. If a pattern is completed the winner should shout 'Bingo!'. If the pattern is correctly filled up one wins. read more

    Bingo: Chat Room Etiquette

    Online bingo chat rooms are a good way to learn more about bingo online. Keep in mind to watch your manners; Chat rooms foster a sense of community and not bad image. read more

    How to Organize a Bingo Party

    One of the best ways to make your party a hit is to play bingo. That way, everyone can anticipate a prize to be won even if it's not their birthday or if it's not an Easter egg that they're looking for. read more

    Bingo Superstitions

    Bingo superstitions vary from different players. Some have lucky charms, like stuffed animals, clothing accessories or anything that they can bring to the bingo hall. read more

    Online Bingo Benefits

    There are plenty of free online bingo sites that can be accessible in the internet. Free online bingo sites gives novice players the chance to experiment on their skills while preparing themselves for the money games. read more

    Biggest Bingo Jackpot

    A bingo player codenamed mcmom17 has won on what is generally believed to be the single biggest jackpot in online bingo history. The lucky player, who is from Indiana, said that she really cannot believe that she have won the jackpot in CyberBingo until her mother confirmed that she really have won the huge $25,000 dollars jackpot. read more


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