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Biggest Online Jackpot Win at Cyber Bingo

In what is generally believed to be the single biggest online bingo jackpot in history was won in approximately 30 minutes. A lucky lady bingo player from Indiana, U.S., who was playing online under the pseudonym of 'mcmom17', scooped the coveted $25,000 dollars while participating in the online bingo game right in the multi-diamond room at CyberBingo.

Player 'mcmom17's initial reaction was reportedly that of a breathless and a truly excited winner. It just truly shows why online bingo is fast becoming a phenomenal online success.

When asked about her recollection about that eventful day, she said that one by one, her numbers in her card are called up, like I 20 and O 70. After that happened, she yelled to her husband Tony that she had gotten a bingo, the telephone in their home rang and it was her mother yelling on the other line that the winner was her, that her mom saw her alias come up on the screen, she told her husband that she had won $25,000 dollars and her knees just buckled after that big announcement.

CyberBingo's biggest attraction is the guaranteed cash prize of $10,000 dollars that can be won every Saturday of the year during bingo games online. The CyberBingo marketing director, Joey Peterson said that every Saturday event has become one of their trademarks. The site plays these massive games and plays them in a regular basis, they are won by genuine people.

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    Biggest Bingo Jackpot

    A bingo player codenamed mcmom17 has won on what is generally believed to be the single biggest jackpot in online bingo history. The lucky player, who is from Indiana, said that she really cannot believe that she have won the jackpot in CyberBingo until her mother confirmed that she really have won the huge $25,000 dollars jackpot. read more

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