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Volunteer Center Main Benificiary of Bingo Night

The bingo evening that will be held in the Eye Town Hall this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. will benefit the Eye Volunteer Center so that the Center can continue its projects that benefit the people in the community.

The Eye Volunteer Center is partially financed by the Suffolk County Council and provides volunteers that can make home visits to the lonely and depressed, a telephone service hotline to those who are looking for companionship and support and many other forms of services which deals with any form of support to an individual. There is also an existing meeting room on the center which can be reserved and hired for any occasions or functions.

The fund that Eye Volunteer Center receives from the Suffolk County Council has been cut in half, making the available funds a lot smaller because the money that the City Council provides is not that much. The Community Center must raise funds on its own to compensate for the loss if it hopes to continue doing its activities for the community.

One of the trustees for the Eye Volunteer Center, Susan Whymark, commented that when she herself was raising money for a trek in the desert, she had an idea of holding a bingo night and with the support and help of the local businesses in her community by donating prizes and stuff, she was able to raise 600 UK Pounds.

She is hoping that the same procedure can help and work for the Eye Volunteer Center which certainly needs a helping hand if they will continue the work that they have been doing for the community. It would be a great loss to the community if the Center closes up just because of lack of money.

Many people look to the center to provide them transport to health centers and the dentist and people who are depressed and need someone to talk to. There are already a few prizes that have been donated for the bingo night, but more are needed.

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