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How to Organize a Bingo Party

The best way to mix a party and gambling is to organize a bingo event. Bingo is essentially gambling, but it's laden with good social atmosphere and interaction. It can be played by children but many grown-ups like it too. And its especially popular with retirees.

Deciding on the Theme

Before starting a bingo party, it's good to decide on the underlying theme. Themes are an extra pull to attract your friends to attend your party. The easiest way to pick up a theme is to align it with the season: an egg hunting theme at Easter; a costume party for Halloween; reds and whites for Christmas; etc. Besides seasons, there are dozens of themes for grown-ups like Hawaiian, beach parties, football, sixties, fifties, and many more. For kids, maybe you can set a up Harry Potter theme or superheroes.

Drawing the Guest List

The theme should appeal more guests not scare them away. So, make sure your theme is a comfortable for everyone. It's good to inform your guests a week earlier at least whether your party would be accompanied by costumes and other pertinent objects to bring. You can use old bingo cards as your invitations.

The Best Way to Get Prizes

Ask for your guest to bring gifts and prizes for the bingo game. Make sure the prizes have an established prize so as to be fair with everyone. All the gifts can be pooled and become prizes for the games. Consolation prize may come in a form of small gifts or other freebies.

Don't forget the Snacks

Bingo games are long running so snacks should be a priority, more than the prizes itself. Customary snacks in bingo are the usual things people eat when watching basketball or football: hotdogs, sandwiches, hamburgers, fries, etc. A grouped meal works best like hamburgers served with fries and sodas. Best of all, you can arrange a grouped meal than can compliment the theme (e.g. A piece of a turkey, with drinks (a soda or wine) and cranberry for a Thanksgiving theme).

Your Bingo Cards

You can design your own bingo cards that can compliment the theme you have for the party. In fact, you can search many websites that can provide you with cards with particular themes for free. All you have to do is to copy the picture and print it out. For future use, you can laminate your cards. This way, you can preserve the cards without having to deal with pencil markers and stickers.

Remember, a bingo party is one of the best ways to set up a party. It's inexpensive and requires only a few strokes of creativity. The game in itself generates fun, that's why such party is always a hit.

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