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The simplest game at all times. Bingo can be played by any age bracket. Children knows how to play bingo, adults can do this at any time and this is probably the senior citizens past time. Bingo can be played anywhere players wishes to. Be it on their homes, classrooms, charity events, or anywhere there is gatherings.

Bingo started in the year 1500 at Europe, specifically in Italy. From Italy, the French acquired the game Bingo and they brought in the first cards in bingo. After the French people, German had entered the scene. Bingo cards were used then to teach children the basic lessons in arithmetic and then in English lessons.

Long before that, Bingo has taken over the whole of Europe by 1800s. Americans acquired the game bingo in the early 1900s. Bingo has spread like wild fire thanks to its exciting game play. Bingo was not played just for fun but rather it was also use for function gatherings in charity events and fund raising. Not only are the private groups playing bingo for fund raising but the church as well. At present bingo is still popular for charity events in schools and in different private and public organizations to raise funds for different causes.

To play the game bingo is simple; all you need are Bingo Cards and cages of bingo. The cage will contain the balls with number on it that will be drawn one by one. You can see five rows with five columns in a bingo card. These rows and columns will sum up to a total of twenty-five squares. On every square is a corresponding numbers. There is no limit to how many can play bingo as long as it is more than two people, bingo is on.

If a certain number is drawn from the cage, a card that has that same number should be marked by the player holding the card. He may mark it with daubers or chips. People prefer to use daubers to mark their cards. This made the daubers popular, soon after it became popular daubers came out in different sizes and shapes and also with different designs. Players can even customize their own daubers. These bingo tools can be acquired by set, the bingo kit can be bought almost anywhere.

In number calling with bingo, people have come up with its very own terminologies. A bingo player must familiarize with the names like Booklet, Coverall, Blackout, Face and so on...

For people who want to learn how to play bingo, a book is now available for them to purchase and start to learn by themselves. As people learn to play bingo they get more indulged in the game. What makes bingo exciting is the luck factor it brings the player. Players can never know whether they will win or not, not until their numbers are called accordingly.

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