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Bingo is one of those gambling games which appear friendly. I say this because bingo is often used in charity events, and is even used by people from church to generate income for their charitable works. Bingo has also always been seen as a social function, not just a mere way to get money. Most people who play this gambling game together are already friends, or in Spanish, "amigos" or "amigas".

But behind this unassuming image lies danger, anti-gambling groups declare. In the past, they say that people play bingo to earn money or to relieve stress they got from work.

However, today, this gambling game is also seen as a way of losing money and it is also seen as stressful. They say that you lose money in this gambling game because you play continuously even if you are losing. This is because you think you are so close to winning; there were times that you just needed one more number to win. This is why it gets addictive to play this gambling game.

Since when did bingo cause stress in players? Anti-gambling groups say that bingo is stressful because after a game, you always think of what could have been if that last number of yours was drawn before another person won. This causes the gambling players to be anxious. Their mind would not rest because of the thought of the loss.

Another issue in playing this gambling game is security. There had been cases of robbery and murder right after bingo games. This happens to people who win in bingo who just got out the bingo hall, and thieves stab them to death just to get their winnings.

Online bingo seems the answer to this security dilemma, but it really is not. Online gambling has some profound negative effects on the gambling player. They say that online gambling has totally erased the need for physical contact among players. Because of this the social nature of this gambling game is not being utilized to the fullest.

They also claim that online bingo also encourages gambling players to be more materialistic. All you have to do in online bingo is purchase the card, and that's it, the computer will play for you. It seems that you are really just playing online bingo for the money and not for the experience. This is why online gambling is believed to have negative impacts on people.

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