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The versatility of bingo has always made it one of the favorite games of all time. What other way to enjoy the fun and community aspect of bingo but to incorporate the theme of a party to the existing concept and object of the game.

For the ladies and moms-to-be, here's a sure fire hit to make your baby shower more enjoyable and fun. Why not play bingo during a baby shower? It is a concept that has been entertaining folks who love parties these days. The bingo game theme will depend on the party you are in. For now, it is baby shower bingo that is put on the spot light.

Bingo is entertaining, fun, exciting and offers a great concept of socialization and community. In parties there are a number of people who may not know each other entirely and there are those who are relatives as well. Just like in a baby shower, not all the folks are acquainted. So in order to break the ice and get them acquainted, the game of bingo is there to shake up the groove.

A Baby Shower Bingo Party is easy to plan. One person should do the planning and he/she can assign other people to do the hosting, food preparations, purchasing of prizes and awards and the bingo cards. Everyone can pitch in with the making of the bingo cards. The host and guests can make their own cards according to the theme. The regular bingo cards can be used as well, though with some revisions. There are also specialty shops for baby shower parties that offer bingo game sets particularly for the occasion.

If you prefer the customized or home-made bingo card sets, these can be made ahead of time. The party planner can assign several guests to make the cards. The materials are simple and easy to find; colored thick paper, colored markers, scissors, rulers and pencil. The bingo cards may consist of either 5x5 or 9x9 grid. The baby shower theme should be applied on to the cards.

There are several game versions that guests can make out of their cards. Baby items, gifts, baby names and others are fun to incorporate in the bingo cards. Separate cards are made for the caller as well. These call cards are to be place into a box or a hat and the caller/host will draw the cards as the game is played. The guests will match the names/items called with their cards and the first one to fill his/her card should shout BINGO in order to win a prize.

There is no limit to the fun and excitement that baby shower bingo can offer. It caters to all ages and gender. The fun of throwing a baby shower bingo has created a new trend. So if you are planning a baby shower, try having bingo as the major game in the party; it is both enjoyable and recreational for all the guests.

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