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All About Bingo and How To Play Bingo

Bingo is a community game where people gather in a hall to play. People get together, interact with each other and win friends over time.

Different places means different Bingo variations. Some have modified rules and different approach to Bingo. Nevertheless, the same fun and excitement remains.

Naturally, bingo players buy cards. Bingo uses a special kind of card which has numbers on it. Numbers are in column a 5x5 grid. On top of each grid are the letters B, I, N, G and O.

Australian and British bingo have a total of 90 numbers, in America there are 75 numbers. The rest there are only 68.

A number will be called one by one by a Bingo Caller. And the first player to complete a specific pattern wins the game. Sounds easy? Yes, it is that simple. Numbers are drawn in random and patterns differ in every round. Pattern can be in diagonal or horizontal row, four corners and so on.

There are many possible way to make a pattern out of the bingo card. Before playing each round remember to know what pattern is needed to win and keep that in mind or the opportunity might pass.

Each card has 24 square spaces and a free space in the middle. Each square has a random number on it. It is arrange with 5 numbers horizontally and 5 numbers vertically, so there are 25 total squares in a card.

The first column will a B on top, followed by an I, then a N, G and the last column will an O. Under the letter B are the numbers 1 to 15. Under I numbers between 16 to 30. In N are the numbers from 31 to 45, which includes a blank in the center. Letter G column have the numbers 46 to 60 and under the last letter O are the numbers 61 to 75.

There are thousands of copies of bingo cards and none are duplicated. Often manufacturers chooses not to print duplicated cards while others manufactures some cards with the same numbers on the card's location.

Numbers are being drawn and called by a Caller. Announcing of numbers are fast and players are catching each number attentively. And quickly they mark the number on their card if they have it.

The Caller will continue calling out numbers until someone wins. A bingo game will stop when someone shouts "Bingo!". Then this is the only time that the caller will stop and verify the winning card.

Players should play attentively to mark every number called. A marker is used to mark that number and if the player complete such pattern one wins the game. But never ever forget to shout "Bingo!" to stop the caller call another number and to stop the game from continuing.

There might be a chance that there will be more than one winner. If this is the case the jackpot prize will be split into the winners.

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